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Four key similarities between the Hampstead and Hollie Greig satanic ritual abuse cases

Four key similarities between the Hampstead and Hollie Greig satanic ritual abuse cases

Hampstead Satanic Ritual Abuse Case

Hollie Greig Satanic Ritual Abuse Case*

04/09/2014 – The children make allegations of ritual abuse, child sexual abuse, making of child pornography, child trafficking, ritual murder and cannibalism by 70+ people whom the children named and intimately described which includes their father, parents of 20 other children who are also abused, teachers, church clergy, social workers, policemen and women, CAFCASS employees, and local shopkeepers, in and around Hampstead, London.

12/09/2014 – London Borough of Camden applied for and obtained an Emergency Protection Order and took the children into the dangerous ‘care system’. Their mother Ella Draper’s was accused of being mentally ill and was forced to flee the country after nine MET policemen and women turned up at her home without a warrant to arrest her.

Eleven days after Hollie had named the gang members to the police, a raid was made on her home and without a warrant, her mother Anne was kidnapped, assaulted publicly and thrown into a mental institution, despite having no history of mental illness whatsoever. Hollie was handed back by Aberdeen`s Social Services Department, which had instigated Anne`s abduction, to her abuser father. Anne subsequently managed to get away from the institution and through her solicitor, an eminent specialist pronounced her perfectly sane.

DC Alan Rogers 207875 “seized” the “distinguishing marks” recordings on the very first day of the Hampstead Child rape and murder case on 05/09/2014. He listened to the recording and wrote in his report: “the children will explain explicit body parts and go into detail in relation to these body parts and describe them” (para. 2 page 7 CRIS report). DC

Rogers then, along with DI John Cannon 189067, that SAME DAY, arranged for these highly incriminating “distinguishing marks” recordings to be stored in an unidentified Police property somewhere in Chingford, concealing them from the other investigators for the duration of the entire investigation.

22/09/2014 – The case was closed by Barnet Police by DI Cannon with “no crime confirmed” status.

After the sex crimes were reported, the Chief Prosecutor for Aberdeen, a friend of the abuser judge, blocked any meaningful investigation. According to the police report, no crime was committed.

Judge Pauffley makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of the “distinguishing marks” recordings. DS Paul Speer of Colindale Police Station states that there is “absolutely no foundation to the allegations made by the children”.

DI John Cannon 189067 makes no mention of lawfully required medicals, and no mention of the “distinguishing marks” recordings, however, he DOES mention that the “distinguishing marks” recordings were taken into Police storage at a “LOCATION TO BE IDENTIFIED” on the very first day of the investigation, 05/09/2014 (page 10, para. 2. CRIS report). It is worth noting that the location was not identified throughout the investigation, nor were those recordings seen by anyone else in the police investigating team. He also reveals that he has knowledge of the content of those recordings from an email he received from child psychiatrist Dr Sara Kundu, 09/05/2014, alerting him to the children’s, “detailed description of unusual features of the alleged perpetrators’ genital regions” ( page 31, para 2. CRIS report). Yet he does not, at any time, require medical examinations of the accused.

One of the leading officers who was supposed to investigate the crimes against Hollie and the other children, Detective Sergeant Innes Walker admitted that he had never even spoken to the named abusers or victims.

15/09/2014 –Medical examinations of both children CONFIRM the allegations of sexual abuse and violence. Dr Hodes says that the scars in the rectum area were caused by the insertion of plastic objects. She confirms that many injuries had occurred at least half a year to a year before the examination. The medical evidence confirms repeated and long-term sexual abuse of both children, and concluded both were suffering from serious Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. A second more detailed medical report was produced on the 22/09/2014 – but it seems both were ignored by DI Cannon and Barnet police.

On 22 September, 2014, the police claimed they did not have the results of Dr Hodes and her team following the forensic medical examination and the case was closed by DI Cannon with “no crime confirmed” status.

It was also discovered during my own investigations that four medical reports from three medical experts, all acting independently at different times and locations, provided conclusive evidence of the assaults on Hollie, supporting her allegations completely. We have those documents now. They were all deliberately withheld by the police from the official inquiry.

* Extracts from a letter written by Robert Green to, December 6, 2010

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Four key similarities between the Hampstead and Hollie Greig satanic ritual abuse cases:
Four key similarities between the Hampstead and Hollie Greig satanic ritual abuse cases